Monday, July 16, 2012


HERE at the liquor hut we want you to play hard, but responsibly. This is where you can get some great alcoholic beverage ideas for your next gathering or party.
I have had quite a few drinks even before I began writing this. So if my words get a little goofy that’s the alcohol typing, not me! We encourage readers to show photos of their drinks, give drink recipes, and any other activity you involve alcohol.
The grand drinks of choice are:

HENNESSY- be careful with this one!

HYPNOTIC- mix with the one above



CROWN ROYAL- for the prestigious ladies and gentlemen

And many many others….(these are just my top picks, and some of you may agree!)

I love mixed drinks and sometimes you can have parties where you just only do mixed drinks. Sometimes it is even cool to go online and check out what others are drinking when they go out to party.
Everyone loves to party and have a good time.

Let’s unwind, sit back, have a good beverage and enjoy your night by yourself or with friends.

You can also purchase here and have your liquor and spirits delivered to you home!

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